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4 Powerful Reasons to Have Your Own Internet Radio Presence

We can create your own 24/7 radio station or you can purchase air time on one of our sector stations. Either way, Internet radio will greatly enhance your promotional efforts. The beauty of radio is that it captures audience attention over long periods of time. Combat today's distraction with effective online radio programming.

Promote Your Events with Conference Radio

Promote your events 24/7 using music to keep listeners tuned in. Outstanding exposure for sponsors and a great way to keep attendees updated.

Build Awareness

Corporations and Governments alike can use online radio to make employees, stakeholders and clients aware of new services and programs. Interviews with experts can heighten interest and participation.

Keep Audiences Engaged

People won't watch videos all day long, but they'll listen to radio for hours and hours. Unlike YouTube, built-in promotional messages can't be turned off. And varied programming helps sustain listenership.

Sector Specific

Participate in one of our sector-specific radio stations or have your own. Content can be finely tuned to meet the exact needs of your audience.

professional Internet radio Services

When you sign up for radio streaming with Galbraith Communications, we handle all of the technical requirements. We also offer a wide range of services that reduces or eliminates programming work on your part, such as music selection, scheduling and narration - allowing you to focus on the messages and content you wish to broadcast.

Hosting, Voiceovers and Interviewing

Our professional announcers can be your voice for station identification, sponsorship announcements, interviews and other spoken elements. In consultation with your team, we can also provide content development and script writing.

Production and Editing

Galbraith Communications has a full production team to make you sound fantastic! Whether it's producing sponsor messages or editing past webinars for airing, we have you covered.

Station Monitoring and Analytics

Our multiple analytic platforms reveal where your listeners are located, how long they're tuned in and from where. We also employ professional listeners who monitor our stations from an audience perspective.


Our core values include listening and respecting the views of our clients and partners. Let's brainstorm together to explore the best ways to deliver and package your information.

About Us

We have almost 50 years of experience in the radio broadcast industry. As former newscasters, announcers and radio station managers - the team is applying best practices of traditional broadcast radio with the latest technologies for digital streaming.

Sector Specialists

We're experts at technology and radio programming, but not on every topic. That's why GC Radio secures subject experts for our sector radio stations - including climate change, agriculture and non-profit organizations. Hosts and interviewers that are "in the know" are used to create compelling content aimed specifically at target audiences.

Internet Radio Website Expertise

Our online radio stations have their own website and domain. Our web designers create the look and feel to match the content and music genre. For example, see:

  • Embed codes put radio streams on any website.
  • Android and apple app access.
  • Google analytics and ad campaigns.


Contact us to learn more about the impact of Internet radio streaming and how it can boost event registrations, and effectively distribute critical information.

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