Professional, Affordable Audio Webcasting

Reach audience members who have poor Internet; Eliminate expensive cameras; Provide a reliable back-up to video failure.



Why Audio-Only?

Despite the popularity of live video webcasting, there is still an important role for audio-only streaming. Not everyone has the bandwidth to properly receive live video. Many government offices plus rural and northern areas can struggle to receive HD video, even in today's high-tech environment. An audio add-on stream ensures you'll reach everyone. In addition, not all webcasts need video. Lower your costs dramatically with a more-than-sufficient reliable audio stream. And if you do use video, an extra audio-only stream provides peace of mind in case your video feed should fail. Inexpensive but important - our high quality 128 kbps audio streams will expand your reach while reducing your risks.


Affordable plans of $75 per month covering unlimited listeners and unlimited webcasting. Or pay as you go. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial.


Use our recommended FREE, simple-to-use encoder. Just insert our server settings and you're good to go in under 2 minutes.

Distribution and Interactivity

Your audience can tune in with a simple URL or via an audio player you can embed on any web site. Listenership is worldwide and unlimited. Add chat, Q&A, sign-up and other features with our recommended webcast platform.

Detailed Stats

All accounts include AWSTATS, providing detailed measurement that goes beyond google analytics. Find out what cities and countries are tuned in and for how long, and/or use a registration database.

About Galbraith Communications (GC)

GC was a pioneer in the webcast industry, developing one of the world's first webcast platforms. Our production service started in 1996 when we began to travel the globe with our cameras and microphones to broadcast client events over the web. Today - we specialize in an often-ignored but vital part of the live streaming world: audio. We also host and manage online radio stations including the popular
Galbraith Communications is based in Ottawa, Canada, and serves all of Canada and the United States.


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