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Looking Back

Cory GalbraithWell, this is me today. I often think back to those days of my youth when AM radio was hot and CFTR set the standard for contemporary radio in Canada.

There were 1.4 million people who tuned in each week to hear their favorite music and DJ. TR had energy, attitude and a positive feeling that people liked.

Even the newspeople, like me, had reached celebrity status (although I am the farthest thing from being a celebrity). I recall feeling so strange when people would recognize my name when showing my credit card to store clerks.

Many of the talented people I worked with moved to Los Angeles, Detroit and other major U.S. markets. A few went into television doing news at NBC and FOX or working behind the scenes as a producer. Others, like me, eventually left the business altogether.

Today, I run my own communications company based in Ottawa. CFTR 680 came to an end in 1993 after 21 years, switching from a music format to all-news and becoming 680 News.

The station remains as popular today as it was back then.

P.S. Many of the people I worked with back in those days have stumbled across this web site and contacted me. Jim Brady, TR's morning man in the late 70s tracked me down by phone in a hotel room in Winnipeg. Most sent me an e-mail. They were all part of a great team, one that radio has not seen since. But their hard work and talent remain alive, here on the Internet. Enjoy!