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Bloopers and other Funny Stuff

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Bloopers and other Funny Stuff

Over the 4 years I was at CFTR, I delivered approximately 20,000 newscasts! There were bound to be some mistakes...

"In Beirut today, 158 people were killed to death, some seriously."

"In Washington, U.S. President Ronald McReagan addressed Congress."

"In sports, Guy Lafleur scored after taking a piss...pass."

Weird News Stories (audio)

Crazy lady (8 seconds)
Genital mishap (22 seconds)

Celsius Man! (audio)

I had my own unique sign-off, stressing the word "celsius" when giving the weather. By the way, this clip includes the old CFTR'll love it!

Celsius! (12 seconds)

Weird Groupie (audio)

The DJs at the station had groupies, young girls who would call them up and visit the station. Me? I had old, lonely men call me up. Some would rant and get angry with me if I didn't call them this guy....

Ranting Groupie (18 seconds)